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It can help you create contact sheets of pictures with captions in Quark 7.

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Editor: When it comes to creating contact sheets fast and easily, Badia ContactPage is the only tool you need. Whether it's a print or web project, ContactPage can build a QuarkXPress document with all the necessary pages, import hundreds of images and place text captions in just seconds. What's more, ContactPage also allows you to annotate all pictures in an existing document with descriptive labels.

Easy to Use. Professional Results.
The easy-to-follow settings in ContactPage give you complete control to customize the look and Contents of the final contact sheet. You can specify margins, page size, Grid rows and columns, picture fitting, box colors and sizes, auto save options, and more. And ContactPage comes with an interactive preview that takes away the guesswork by showing you exactly how the contact sheet looks as you change the settings.

Choose, Sort, Start.
ContactPage shows you the complete list of pictures to import, so you will know immediately how many there are, the number of pages the contact sheet will take and the order in which they will be imported. Sort the list by name, size, picture type or date modified. And you can even fine-tune this picture list by removing pictures or moving some up or down the list.

Captions That Tell The Whole Story.
ContactPage captions can be made to describe their corresponding images in complete detail. You can not only choose the picture name but several other picture attributes as well: full path, file size, format (EPS, TIFF, etc.), color model (RGB, CMYK, etc.), image resolution, creator application, date modified, dimensions, picture scale and page number.

Captions can be positioned above, at the center, or below pictures and at any specified Distance. Adjust the opacity, color and other text box attributes to achieve special effects. And for ultimate control, ContactPage will automatically Create paragraph and character style sheets so you can make global type adjustments in no time at all.


Fixed some bugs.

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Mac OS X
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No additional system requirements.
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It can help you create contact sheets of pictures with captions in Quark 7.
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